Our expertise

CRM is well known for its technical know-how in the fabrication of parts using material removal machining and of mechanical-welded assemblies in both the market of renovated and new parts.

High-tech machining

We are experienced in the manufacture of high-tech mechanical parts.

CRM benefits from the investments in a high-tech machine shop which has recently been up-dated with machines capable of high precision work.

Equiped with a FAO software (Mastercam), we are able to work with all drawings formats : DXF, DWG, IGES... up to CAO 3D drawings (Solidworks).

For CRM, customer satisfaction is our goal. The adaptability of our work methods and flexibility of our highly skilled teams enable us to work with our increasing complex demands from our customers. More specifically, our teams are able to work from forged or rolled raw materials as well as moulded or stamped rough.

But it’s first of all our team’s experience and technical competence that allow us to undertake and fabricate more and more intricate projects.

Mechanical welding

Our workshop set-up, our welders qualifications and competences allow us to manufacture parts involving complicated welding techniques.

  • NF EN 15085 Class 1 CPA Certification
  • 2 IWT trained technicians (International Welding Technologist)
  • 6 qualified mechanical-welders et 1 apprentice
  • A 650 m2 workshop built in 2012, entirely dedicated to mechanical-welding

Quality control

The dedication of our teams during the control process also highlights the know-how of our company. 10 people are dedicated to the control process for the following tasks :

  • development of work methods and competences
  • carry on preventive actions with operators
  • dealing with the dimensional part
  • managing and recording documents

A building of more than 370m² is dedicated to this activity.

COFREND II in Liquid Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Examinations, CRM is able to perform itself liquid penetrant and magnetic particle examinations on its parts. These qualifications represent a real autonomy and gives us reactivity, especially for delivery delays.

Outsourced operations

The complex parts manufactured in CRM require us to demand assistance from time to time from specialists for complementary specific techniques.

CRM controls all outsourced operations. Our network of suppliers allows us to fulfil all our customers requirements, in terms of :

  • Heat treatment
  • Surface treatment : chroming, QPQ (Quench Polishing Quench), zinc plating, anodizing …
  • specialities : steel foundry, cast, aluminium, steel, free forging and forging, rolling

With all out-sourced operations, the following of a strict procedure allows us to maintain our high standards. With daily controls and an annual review, we make sure of the regularity of these operations.

Up dating os skills / Continuous training

CRM is voluntarily committed to the GPEC (Management of competences and future employment needs). This is not compulsary to companies of less than 300 employees.

All CRM members are part of this approach which gives an insight of posts and competences.

One of the strong points of this system is the « professional in-house meeting » which aims at matching the evolution of the company's competences with the employees professional project.

CRM uses FPC (Continuous Professional Training) in order to optimize the versatility of its « Companions », in order to have continuous improvement and ensure the transmission of all its know-how. CRM spends 5 times the minimum legal contribution.

CRM values :

  • tutorship
  • in-house promotion
  • apprenticeship